Gift The Book

Gift this book to a little one in your life, and watch a whole new world open up before their very eyes!

The first page includes a special certificate for children earning an exclusive spot on “The Secret Santa Team”. Their kindness and compassion sent them soaring above and beyond Santa’s Nice List this year, and that's just the beginning!

Spread Some Cheer

Pick your recipient(s) and secretly carry out your magical mission, leaving a little surprise at their door each night!  Shhhh… remember to tip toe and not get caught!

"The joy and the hope you will spread this season, is what Christmas is for, the real, true reason."

Create Lasting Memories

Create lasting memories with your children and grandchildren as you craft, create, wrap, and bake, in preparation for your 12 days of Christmas giving.

Your hearts will be filled with love and the spirit of the season, as you watch their eyes light up with wonder, in awe of the joy they will spread from giving to others this Christmas season.